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                We love helping people build beautiful, working things. We’d love to help you too.

                We are intelligent, pragmatic humans who build machines made of logic, designed with feeling. We’re good at understanding what you do and finding ways to help you do it better. Let’s work together →

                See how we

                Notes and ideas

                Tim talks “Views, from the top”

                It’s time for a fresh take on the humble server-rendered view.

                Tim Riley17 Mar 2019

                Corley exhibition website and explorer tool launched

                Icelab contributes to the State Library of Queensland’s mammoth Corley project

                Andy McCray10 Dec 2018

                Location independent: Dylan Wolff

                Location independent: Dylan Wolff →

                Tim talks functional architecture at RedDotRubyConf

                Discover how a change in mindset can make all the difference to your Ruby

                Tim Riley30 Jun 2017

                Time Travel

                Time Travel →

                Icelab talks at RubyConf AU 2017

                Tim and Piotr share our vision of a future for Ruby.

                Tim Riley06 Mar 2017

                A Rodakase retrospective: 1 year of dry-rb in production

                A lot has changed, but our work remains simple.

                Tim Riley23 Feb 2017

                The grid

                The grid →

                Louise Mann

                Louise Mann →

                CSS: the Good Bits

                Andy gives a talk to the team about good practices in CSS. Watch and learn!

                Libby Berrie02 Feb 2017

                Libby Berrie joins the team

                New developer is an old face in our Canberra office

                Michael Honey30 Jan 2017

                Piotr Solnica joins Icelab

                A new tech lead, and big steps forward for dry-rb and rom-rb.

                Tim Riley24 Jan 2017

                Principles, not rules

                We don’t have a lot of rules, but we do have principles.

                Michael Honey20 Sep 2016

                Announcing Decaf Sucks 2.0

                We’re thrilled to announce that Decaf Sucks 2.0 for iPhone is now available on the App Store.

                Tim Riley07 Sep 2016

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